Style, Location & Clothing

Portraits can be fun and with a little effort in planning you get a lot in return. Just imagine going for a walk in Denver to your favorite spice shop or coffee with you favorite person and the dog on a leash. This may not be your typical session, but it’s full of your life and your style and that is what I would like to capture for you. So, tell me what you like and let’s see how I can make your portrait unique.

Location –

Your session should be a place where you like to get away to be comfortable, so think about how you like to spend time with your favorite people. If you already have a location in mind that complements you best, we will start there. If you’re not sure, I will come up with a few locations to contribute.

Clothing –

– I will send you my clothing guideline if you haven’t received it already. My guideline is a good start, but it is meant to be broken, and ultimately I recommend that you do a little research and design yourself. My suggestion is this; Find clothing that does does not promote any branding from head to toe, because we want that classic and time-less look.

Click here to view some of our style examples

Style –

Style of your session will be a combination of the location and clothing. There are a lot of resources available, a great place to start are sites like Pinterest or Tumblr.