Evan + Alanna

Evan and Alanna selected Sandstone Ranch for their wedding, it is one of most beautiful locations in Longmont Colorado. This historically rich location comes with a charming visitors center and a view over a valley which spans for miles, it’s naturally breathtaking. I arrived just as Alanna was starting to get ready and she called for me to snap a few pictures of the wedding dress before the ceremony. I staged the dress as I’d typically do, then I snapped a few frames as the dress hung there and then a few more as she enjoyed seeing it this way. When I came back in, all the details meticulously planned earlier just came together and she looked amazing. On this day Alanna got what she wanted and for Evan, it seemed to be the happiest day of his life.

From here on out the day seemed as if Ernest Hemingway was writing it page by page.


June 8, 2019 Wedding