Portraits in the City

At Thanksgiving dinner Rachel asked me for a few senior style portraits, so we went to Denver for some of my favorite type of portraiture, the lifestyle. City is a great place for portraits this late in November because it’s modern and there is lots of character which I though would complement Rachel really well.

We started this session in full bright sun, but this light was fading quickly and I wanted to capture a variety of sets and different techniques so we moved around quickly. When the sun is at it’s fullest we had to turn Rachel away from the sun so to eliminate the uncomfortable squinting. Also, at one time I used¬† building to eliminate the sun completely and used the ambient reflected light for some beautifully lit portraits. As we drove down the street further into Denver, the light started to really dim and that’s when all the city lights come alive but there is still enough natural light to create a perfectly lit portrait and a lot of character. It was a great day for city style portraits, super fun.

On-Location Studio